Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fifty is Nifty

September twenty-first. I was born on the Autumn Equinox, the imaginary division between summer and fall.

Sunday I turned fifty. As a dear friend said, "Fifty trips around the sun!" I like that.

We had a Birthday party at my house and I was thrilled! The place was packed with 30 of my favorite people in the world, all together in one place. I couldn't stop grinning!

Five perfect 10's make Fifty!

I got to introduce my quilty friend from 15 years ago to my quilty friend from my current mini group.

And I got to introduce my current friend and brother to the my long time friend and brother from 15 years ago. It was such a pleasure to see the continuum of my life and friendships.

The food was great and the champagne flowed. Hey, you don't get to be half -a-century old every day! In the middle of all the noise and celebration my brother called from Washington. "Hey, whaddaya doing?" "Well the house is *full* of people. We're having a party!" "Waytago! We'll talk later... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Eventually we assembled everyone in the front room and Frank proposed a toast:

"To Leslie on her Fiftieth Birthday. I told her recently that age is just a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!"

People were asked to write down a special memory to share and after the toast my sons took turns reading a few.

The best one was from a friend I've known for 18 years:

"Early on Leslie taught me how to quilt laying down with your hoop in the air, that you can find fabric just about anywhere and how to create love and a happy home out of practically nothing." Everyone in the room seemed to say , "Ahhh..." It was so great!

I'd requested no gifts because I didn't want anyone to feel obligated. But it was great fun to see who ignored that and just *had* to give me something! In every case the gifts were quilt related.

Su gave me my first ever fat quarter stack. Wow! I couldn't believe it. 25 pieces.

Danielle gave me the 2009 Block-a-Day calendar. I love it! I've never had one of these...

A friend of mine was trying to help me to feel okay with turning fifty and said, "Don't worry about it, 50 is the new 30." :cD But I told him I've never been happier! Some people get black streamers and over the hill balloons for their 50th. Not me. I've never understood that. Look how good life is!

After weeks of planning and *dayz* of happy anticipation and preparation it was all over in a few short hours, I couldn't believe how fast it went. The next thing I knew people were saying good bye and I felt like I was in a receiving line in reverse. Good-bye, good-bye. Thank you for coming!

Su told me later, "Whadda party, you were shining like a new, bright penny!" It's the truth. Days later I'm still humming happily. All that love...

~ Thanks just doesn't seem to say it.


Lindah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Leslie! May this year be a super one!

Fiona said...

Belated birthday wishes - looks like you had a fabulous time.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday to you
Happy 50th Birthday dear Leslie
Happy Birthday to you!

All the very best!! Glad you had a wonderful day!!!

Fabricfaire said...

I had such fun helping you to celebrate your "50th". Meeting your friends from the "other side"!! We all had the same sweet friend in common! 50 is Lookin' good on you girl!