Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fabric Rug Finish

It's done! It's 27", just because that's where the last color ran out. I'm already thinking about the next one. Maybe I'd like the colors to end in a more random way than this one. This looks too much like a bull's eye.

Lila likes it too.


vegeloon said...

We love it! We being Sharon and me.
I think the bulls eye design is beautiful and it will help you keep focused and creative!

Norma said...

It is wonderful! I did a purple bulls eye! LOl I like it, has a pattern to it and how else would you get that in a circle? My kitty loves the rugs too. Take a bow, job well done. Send Finn a picture.

Fabricfaire said...

AAA++++++, I also like the bullseye!

Finn said...

Sorry about that Leslie, I do remember it as being a bullseye, but I must not have commented, and I do apologize. I really like it. And it looks like it lays really nicely..good job! Hugs, Finn