Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back Porch Fabrics

While we were driving around Monterey, Danielle was navigator. With her nifty Palm PC she could call up street maps or information on just about anything. It was great! We 'decided to ask Almighty Google' for quilt shops in the area and found Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove near by. That was a blast!

You probably can't see the book's title unless you click to enlarge, but it says, "Help, I Married a Quilter!"

I had a terrific browse and Frank took photos for me. Then Nathan pulled me over to the shelf of novelty prints and showed me his favorites. The shop carries all sorts of natical and seashore related prints, so he found one he wanted to work with.

Before I came over, he was standing at the cutting table pulling the pins out of the bolt to look at the fabric and the shop assistant asked him if he needed any help. When he said no she added, "I saw you standing there and you looked so natural. I thought, 'I didn't know we'd hired any male staff for the store." It was cute.

Despite all the eye candy I bought a single fat quarter for my pastel Ocean Wave quilt. But it was great to finally see this store I'd heard and read so much about.

Then we trooped over to the town common and found a photo op in the gazebo.

Nathan and I decided to be "Whale Riders" outside the Museum of Natural History. Then it was time to head home. Two days in Monterey was too short. :cD


Fiona said...

Looks like you had a great time in Monterey - and I love the pic of you on the whale.

Fabricfaire said...

You DID have a great time! Thanks for sharing it !!! ;0)