Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Time Does Fly

I *miss* you all! Work has had me in a swirl the last two weeks and I blog in my head. Activities (and sewing) are happening, there just hasn't been time to post it.

Two weeks ago we had a Sew Day at Su's. She snapped this photo of me as I came through the door, blackberry pie in hand!

When we put it on the table and added the fresh lavendar brought by Rosy we thought it looked like the cover of a Real Simple magazine. Life imitates art!

We sewed, talked, ate and I was so refreshed! It's the best thing to get together with quilty friends when life's a challenge. Or even when it's not!

These are Rosy's miniature baskets in progress. And that nifty seam ripper is Su's new toy, hand turned by a craftsman in Utah. She was so excited. If it can make ripping out a joy, I'm all for it!

A few of the placemats for my nephew and bride.

And freebee thread from Rosy, hooray! I needed an influx of 50 wt for piecing. These will work great with the pastel Ocean Wave. Thank you!

Mid morning we saw Momma dear out walking with dear baby 1 and 2, so young they still had their spots. At a sound on the road they turned and dashed and I just had time to snap this picture through the window.

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Fabricfaire said...

Great Pic's!! I can still taste that delicious BB pie! Those little deer were moving along!