Thursday, December 27, 2007

Many Trips Around the World

Recently one of the ladies in blogland asked if we'd ever made a Trip Around the World quilt. I raised my hand! That was the very first quilt I ever made, the year was 1983.

I still remember wandering around the fabric department stacking and restacking bolts of blue cotton, trying to find the total number I needed. The clerks gave each other knowing looks, must be a quilter. I didn't really know what I was doing! When I ran out of solids to choose from I jumped to a calico.

It was made from hand traced, scissor-cut 5 inch squares. I hand quilted it and at the time it seemed like a lot of quilting. Then I made binding out of kettle cloth (gak!) and used a machine embroidery stitch to sew it down. I had a lot to learn. We still use it on our bed, it's just down a few quilts from the top.

Silent Auction quilt

That year I must've made four or more TATW quilts. Each one got alittle I better I think. The pastel silent auction quilt was a bust; it's hard to get much contrast out of baby pink and blue! I apologize for the poor photo quality but I think these were taken in 1983 and 84 with a 110 instamatic.

Bridal Shower gift

This one was king size as a wedding gift for my brother. I used Blanche Young's notched method and machine quilted it. The two quilt holders are standing on kitchen chairs. I knew I wanted a good picture of this before I mailed it away.

This one I made for DS2 when he was two. Machine quilted and machine washed almost every week for awhile. Man, over the next twelve years he loved that thing to *shreds*.

This was for my Mom for Christmas. Handquilted. It hangs in the guest room at her summer home in New Hampshire.

This was a Baby Shower gift. Ooo look! A two color theme. :D I must've felt adventursome.

These were class samples. The center of these two quilts is the same, only the borders are different; always amazes the Beginning Quilt class.

In 1988 I did a variation called Navajo on commission. My first and *last* commissioned quilt. She asked for a red and pink quilt and to enhance the layout I added cream and tan prints. Once it was all done she asked why I'd put *tan* in it? I explained tan was a neutral and didn't change the color scheme, but she said she didn't like it and reluctantly paid the balance due.
There was also a pink, orange and red (!) pillow when the boys were little, but it got used up and thrown away. Thank heavens!
All these quilts were made before rotary cutting, that's pretty amazing. But I think I was learning about color and contrast.
I haven't made a TATW quilt in almost 18 years so I thought my love affair was over. Then about five years ago I saw this 1930's reproduction by RJR.

Wow! I think there's one more in my future. And I can use my rotary cutting tools and skills. ;)


Elaine Adair said...

What fun to see your progression. I especially like the little sample with the same center, and different borders - that's ALWAYS amazing.

I've purchased 2 of Blanche Young books and STILL have not made a single quilt! I'm afraid I would lose the 'system' and not get back to where I started! Maybe you have inspired me to actually DO one. Thanks.

Rose Marie said...

Lovely TATW ..... the number I have done, pales in comparison.