Thursday, August 09, 2007

What Have You Been Working On?

Ever notice that quilty friends ask, "So what are you working on these days?" It's always a great conversation starter. :D

So since I've finished Big Blue I ask myself, 'What have you been working on?' Usually there's the excitement of *finishing* and the crowd of ideas that rushes in to take it's place. But not this time. I've just been sitting... enjoying the sense of a job well done, and... well... *resting*

I talked to DH about it. He understands the dynamics. The excitement of a new project, the time it takes to bring a big quilt to the end, the joy of finishing and the cycle beginning again. So when I said I didn't have any new projects (or even any old ones) burning to be worked on, he just listened. Wise man. I said, "I've noticed it's been about two weeks." "That's okay." "Yes... it is. But when does resting turn into being 'in a slump'?" He didn't tish tosh me, he simply said, "Oh... I'd give yourself another two weeks before I'd start worrying about that."

In the meantime I have been *starting*. I hunted down a counted cross stitch pattern that I'd admired some time ago and made a beginning. There'll be four little vingettes, each 4x5 featuring a quilt and a seasonal item; a wreath of flowers for spring, a bowl of apples for the fall, a gingerbread man for winter, etc.

Well that kept me happy for about a week.

Then because I've absolutely fallen in love with Celtic Memory Yarns and the yarns she spins - double pun intended, I decided to attempt socks.

Socks?? I can barely even knit! But Celtic Memory makes knitting your own socks sound like a romantic journey back to an earlier, happier time. And anything that involves color and thread is okay by me. However, you can see how far I've actually gotten.

Next: Hand quilting

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Rosy said...

Can't wait to see both neat UFO's finished!