Friday, August 10, 2007

A Germ of an Idea

I've been too pooped to piece lately, but I still want color play. So I trimmed a bunch of scraps for the strip bins. My 1 and a half inch bins of lights and darks are *bulging*. That led me to consider a Log Cabin or Dbl Ninepatch. Off to EQ I went to spend some time drafting. After about 11 drafts, this is the layout I settled on:

Then I went stash diving, my favorite part...

Initially I pulled plaids and 'old tyme' colors to go with the 1910 shirting print that'll be the background. But gradually a few brights worked their way in to sweeten the palette. And what's that I see on the far right? Pinks!

Then I located this chunk of Marcus Brothers that I bought *years* ago. I originally bought it to reproduce an Ocean Wave that was a family quilt that was in tatters. But that's another story for another day. =)

Once I found it I was excited to see there were four yards. I got to thinking about the when and where of this purchase. How long ago *was* it? That led me to revisit a fabric swatch book I used to keep.

The shirting is the first entry in this book that I maintained for maybe four or five years. The entry reads:

Marcus Brothers
4 yards
Purchased at Quilted Angel
March 1992

Can you believe it? At the time $25.00 was a large chunk of money for me to spend on fabric. I felt like I was taking food out of my babies mouths. But these reproductions were *just* coming out and I was completely taken with them.

The EQ draft shows 150 ninepatches. I didn't count or plan as I pulled strips from the bins, but I have 75, that's two ninepatch blocks per color. Turns out this quilt doesn't do much for busting the stash bin!

Oh well... Fifteen years later I'm finally cutting into the Marcus Bros shirting. =)


Su Bee said...

What? PINK??? Oh my gosh - are you sure, PINK?? Will you be OK? Your machine won't catch on fire or anything? LOL!! That's going to look great - what size are those 9's - they look 6"? If you get inspired call me, I need inspiration......

Patti said...

How fun to have a book like that so you can find out fun facts. You must be truly the most organized person I know - to keep a fabric buying journal!

Little 9-patches don't bust stash very quickly, that's for sure, but they sure are fun to sew. This is going to be a marvelous quilt!

I became addicted to those first reproductions when they first came out, and I've been addicted to reproductions ever since!

Rosy said...

You never cease to amaze me w/your creativness!!!

Rose Marie said...

That is a lot of 9 patches going there ... but it will be gorgeous when all is done and you're using stash!