Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Fort Bragg Seaside

DH and I took a daytrip to the coast last Friday. It was our 28th anniversary and it was great to get out of town and away from things; even for a day.

It's late August and it hasn't rain in our county for months, so I always find it interesting to see what grows without cultivation. These can be seen along the roadsides:

These are called Naked Ladies. No leaves... interesting.

These are called Red Hot Pokers. They look almost edible.

Then we went to the bluffs overlooking the ocean; always 20-25 degrees cooler than at our house.

I napped, as usual.

But I didn't miss this unique siting:

Fantasy Art by Frank Roberts


Quickstar said...

What's culivation?

It does look like a lovely day hurray for oceans.

Rosy said...

A wonderful day to celebrate your wonderful 28th! Your DH had a "fantasy" alright!!LOL