Monday, January 22, 2007


Patti was talking about receiving a fun collection of Homespun fabrics in the mail. I loved the photo of them all lined up on her shelf. I've never done a whole lot with plaids. I used them once in a 1910 reproduction quilt to good effect, but I don't seem to know how to use them in everyday patchwork.

So I've started collecting. That seems like a good place to start anyway. Or maybe it's just an *excuse* =) But I found these at the Goodwill store last weekend. Men's shirts all... yards of Homespun here. And all for $20.00. I was pretty pleased.

It was so fun the way the selection of shirts suggested a color scheme. I just couldn't believe how it came together! Blues and Beiges are easy to find. But that *cheddar* What a delight! Must be my new favorite color. =) I don't have a block pattern in mind yet. Any suggestions? I'm figuring this will be a wallhanging, six inch blocks work well for that.


Fiona said...

Plaids are my favourite, I have gazillions of cut-up shirts, but I'm always agonising over what pattern to use (no help to you then) so I'll be interested to see what you decide to do.

Su Bee said...

Cheddar?? Pretty close to orange, my friend!! LOL - C'mon over to the BRIGHT side!
PS -- I have a bunch of homespuns for you ----