Saturday, January 27, 2007

45, 46, 47, 48...

I've been trying to carve out some uninterrupted sewing time for weeks... but that seems to be an elusive butterfly lately. I seem to only manage to piece a block here, or sew a seam or two more on my leader-ender strippy there... So you can imagine my joy when I got to sew four blocks in one afternoon! The *last* four blocks of this King-sized Snails Trail quilt you've been hearing about since June! I don't think I've ever made a quilt with 48 blocks in it. The last King quilt I made was a Trip Around the World, using Blanche Young's strip method. And let me tell you, that wasn't nearly so painful!
So of course I had to put it all out on the floor and play around with the layout of the blocks. Some of the Snail Trails sort of dropped out, some of the blues weren't 'blue' enough... I futzed with it. I told DH, "I want to like it more than I do." Then I decided to take a picture and see what I could see.

That helped a lot! It's so big I had to bring in the three-step stool to get enough height to fit it all in the picture. But from up there, all the Snails Trails showed just fine. So it's /distance/ that makes this work??
Anywayz... we're going to Santa Rosa all day to help DS1 move into his first solo duplex, no more roommates! So I won't get back to this until... who knows when. I want to get it together, I want to strike while the iron's hot. I want to sew while the sewing is good! *sigh*
Life is good. No matter what people say. =)

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Su Bee said...

Oh my gosh -- that's shining!! It really looks shimmery and watery -- WTG! I can't wait to see it!