Monday, August 28, 2006

A Week or So Behind

I'm finally getting around to posting my pictures from the Redwood Empire Fair.
And yes, it was during our on going heat wave so Su and I sat outside under the canopy in 100+ temperatures trying to sell tickets to our guild's opportunity quilt. The irony of /that/ was that the quilt we were selling opportunities for wasn't even hanging near us, it was on display in the Home Arts building, which /was/ air conditioned.
But the public still came over and talked to us and looked at the patchwork car and occasionally we sold some tickets.

Su and I took turns going into the Home Arts building to refresh, cool down and take in the quilty sights. There were a couple of really stunning quilts. Unfortunately not all of them were displayed full length due to limited space.

Like this Hawiaiian Sampler for example. It was beautifully hand applique'ed and hand quilted in the traditional echo quilting. It also took First place. So why was it in the very back of the room folded in fourths and displayed on a rack? Go fig...

This one has three dimensional items hanging on the clothes line. The quilt, dress, apron and tee shirt are separate from the surface of the quilt and attached to the clothes line with miniature clothes pins. Adorable!

So often a photograph of a quilt just doesn't do it justice. That's the case with this Sunflower. Most of the petals are three dimensional, and have such a terrific hand-dyed texture to their color, the whole thing just *glowed*. Only a second? Huh...

And I saved my favorite for last. This is a Jinny Beyer, her fabrics, her terrific border prints. But the workmanship is also really good. It got a First place and the Superintendent's Award. The only thing I saw that could've been improved on was the mitred corners weren't very well placed. But that's a tricky step, I know, I've tried. The maker of this quilt did it for hire. (!) I can't imagine letting it leave home after I'd done all the work it must've taken to create it.


Rosy said...

I like these photos! I agree w/you about those quilts that were not displayed properly.I met the lady who made the hand dyed fabric sunflower wall hanging,she was not pleased w/its appearance....I LOVED IT and it should have gotten a blue!

Anonymous said...

Some of those look really familiar wonder if they were displayed elsewhere as well. Or maybe I just saw the pictures before you posted them here.