Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fair Time!

We went last Saturday. My oldest son Nathan invited me to come down for the weekend so we could 'do the Home Arts' building together. That way, he said, he'd have someone to make comments to that understood and could comment back. I thought that was wonderful. 'Course he's lived most of his 25 years with a quilter-mother, so he knows the ropes pretty well by now and can hold his own when it comes to naming patterns and commenting on color and design.

Oh man, what I DIDN'T know was that he'd planned to present me with a pre-purchased Janome 6500 that I've been wanting for almost a year. Ever since my quilt buddy Su got one at Pacific International... somehow my 30 year old Riccar suddenly looked kinda shabby.
This is Nathan and I at Parkside Sewing, the vendor's booth at the fair. They told me to smile for the camera, but I was already grinning like a pregnant ape (what a weird expression). I was so shocked, pleased and surprised I felt like I was levitating. Now I know what people mean when they say they felt like they were walking on air. Thank you Nathan, you are such a sweetie bear. :D

We walked through the main pavillion, also known as the hall of hawkers, ate fair food for lunch and then I got my favorite ice cream on a stick, rolled in almonds and toffee bits. Yum! He told me I had to hurry up and finish, 'cause I couldn't go into the Home Arts building with food. Okay, okay!

So many wonderful things to see! So much talent and creativity in one room. I tried to see it all, be systematic and go down one side, then back and forth through the center, then down along the other side. But I kept getting distracted by the sights and exhibits that caught my eye. Here is the top winner for Best Use of Color and Design. I liked it better than Best of Show which I don't even think I took a picture of. Machine pieced, hand quilted.

Pineapple in 1930's reproductions

This one's for you Su. I think you should make one of these. =)

The curved piecing on this one is very nicely done, as is the highlight quilting - that doesn't really show in the picture.

Burrgoyne Surrounded

And I love this little scrap strippy. They had it displayed over with the dolls and knits for babies, but I could sure see it hanging in my house! Blue ribbon too. Machine pieced, hand quilted. Sweet!

This was a "Build your own teddy bear" vendor outside the Home Arts building. Teddy pushed the handle around and around and it mixed the fluff seen in the window to his left. The vendor's sitting there with his laptop open on his knee. I thought that was interesting.

And then it was time to go home. I wanted to stay and see more knitting, stitching, quilting, rughooking, tole. But my eyes were just too tired. It happens almost every year. So long till next July.


Su Bee said...

Grinning like a pregnant ape.
Hmmmm.......paints a picture!!!! Thanks for the great laugh! I'm so happy for you - once you get to know each other you'll be very happy. And the Boots? I actually have been thinking about that one for granddaughter Devyn, she of the horse craziness. She even wears that older style boot, so she'd flip for it. Hey, all those western prints I forgot to take to guild!! Alright!
Waht a great memorable day for you - congratulations on the machine AND on Nathan!

Rosy said...

Hooray!!! I know you do deserve both, the machine and the blessed son!!! I bet you were walking on Cloud 9 all day and probably still are. It must have been hard to go the work all week knowing that your new machine was "home alone"! No wonder you didn't come to GQG meeting, hope you make it tomorrow to LLQG, if not we will know why!!!!