Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One Less UFO in the Stack

Hooray! It's finished! Three years, three months and an unknown number of days after this was a completed top, it's now a completed quilt! I can't *tell* you how glad I am to get this off my plate. :D
In the summer of '03 I was between jobs and pieced this little lap quilt for fun and amusement. The whole idea was for it to be a great place for me to practice my free-motion quilting skills. But it just sat. I found a job and other projects called to me louder than this one for a long time.

It's amazing how little time it really does take to free-motion quilt a quilt. I of course am my own worst critic, but when I stand back and look at it through the view finder of the camera, I pretty much like what I see. Not too shabby; as they say.

I also find it's harder for me to get motivated to finish a quilt when I don't have a recipient in mind as I'm making it. But now that it's done I think it's going in the guild's Country Store; a quilt boutique that's part of our annual show. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say. If it doesn't sell it might go into my "Grandmother's hope chest". You know, that pile you make ahead of having grandkids so when (if) they come you'll be ahead of the game? Or maybe it's okay to just keep a quilt because as you worked to finish it - it grew on you again and you decided you liked it after all. :D


laurence said...

Thanks for your message on our blog ! Your quilt is beautiful and I admire your free motion quilting. I would like to try it but it seams so difficult to me....

Rosy said...

Someone is gonna love this one!! So sweet!