Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nightgown Extension

It all started when my favorite 100% cotton nightgown was in the laundry, so I wore a long sleeved cotton tee top (and flannel PJ bottoms) that had ribbed cuffs that.stayed.down. while worn as sleepwear. I remembered my son telling me he likes the tee tops he has with ribbed cuffs better than those with straight cuffs, so I decided to add solid black ribbed cuffs to my favorite black patterned nightgown. Win!

Then I bought another 100% cotton nightgown at the Fire Survivor’s Thrift store. It’s soft and pretty, but too short by a l –o – n-g way, doesn’t even cover my hip when I lay on my side in bed. DH said, “You could sew on an extension, like Nathan’s tee shirts.” So I went to the local Senior Center Thrift store and found a 100% pima cotton tee shirt in a solid color close enough to the print that I could live with it. I went home with plans to lengthen the body by as much as the black one is long. When I sat down to begin, I found that the tee shirt was long sleeved with ribbed cuffs. Ah ha! I used the sleeve and ribbing to lengthen the sleeves and decided, as long as I was making the gown longer, why determine the length based on the black one? Why not make it as long as I really wanted?
A Total Win-Win! Now this is my favorite and sooo much warmer than the others that are three-quarter length. This one not only covers my hip when side-lying, but also my knees. Total spent: $4.00.

 I thank my son for the inspiration.

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Rosy said...

You always do such good sewing!