Saturday, January 21, 2017

Denim Project Bag

A new knitting project asks for a new project bag. 😃 Inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest, I wanted to make this denim bag.

A quilt friend had recently given me two pairs of her husband's blue jeans, so that got me jump started. He's a tall drink of water, so there was lots of fabric. I put it together with the leftover denim from my car quilt.

I had an idea of how to make it, but I went along on intuition a good deal of the time. For example, to make the patchwork fabric, I started by laying it out in rows. It quickly became clear that wasn't the way to go. (Photo bomber)

So I searched the Internet for a pattern to determine the amount of patchwork fabric needed, then laid out an approximation.

From there it went pretty well. Except that the base in the original picture led me to make the fabric long enough to box the bottom, and the pattern I was now working with had a curved bottom with darts for shaping. I have several totes with boxed bottoms, so I cut off a good 6 inches of my carefully pieced fabric and went on.

I added a pocket to the inside, so I have a place for my knitting notions kit. It works great. It's coincidence that the bag and the sweater currently-being knitted are both denim. Ha! I don't match my project bags to my projects.

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