Friday, July 29, 2016

Sweater Magnet

I've been reclaiming yarn from thrifted sweaters for about six years now. As a result it seems, sweaters come to me in different ways. Some of them are too much like works of art to disassemble them for the yarn.

This one was gifted to me while I was visiting my Mom last summer. It's a classic from the 1970s and in perfect condition.

 This one came to me from a local fund-raiser rummage sale, for $2.00. Judging from the chest measurement I'd say it's a Men's extra-large. I took it home, gave it a nice warm bath and mended a few holes. What a beauty.

I made room in the yarn collection for them, where they'll end up, I'm not sure.

ETA: I sold the black and white one at the annual quilt guild's boutique. That was one happy customer, she was thrilled!

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