Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pudding Creek Day Trip

This is the closest we come in Mendocino county to having a beach. Most 'ocean access' is to a bluff or a craggy foot path down to a rocky inlet.

When we arrived there was a formal wedding being set up on the sand. It was a beautiful setting, but the wedding party and guests were having a hard time walking in the sand in their finery.

We picnicked, Frank took pictures while I knitted. We escaped the heat for awhile. A perfect day.

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KCJR said...

We looked into a beach wedding (I always thought that's where I wanted to get married) but I never realized how LOUD waves are! Haha. That, and it would have been difficult for some of the older folks to navigate the sand... not to mention the attire would have needed to be different for people to be confortable. All the things you don't realize :p