Thursday, January 14, 2016

Revamping My Autumn Pullover

Back when I finished my autumn pullover, I struggled with the neckline bind off. I redid it four times, increasing the needle size each time, until I was working with size 8, the sweater is knit on size 5. At the time I didn't know about stretchy bind offs. And the sleeves were much too long, you can see it in this picture from 2014.

I wore it last winter, but was never happy with how difficult it was to get on and off. And as time went on, the upper part of the sweater started to stretch out.

Since I had successfully reworked the neck edge bind off on the Irish Aran, I realized I could do the same for my own sweater. HOORAY for stretchy bind offs! I worked it using size 3 and it's much better. I also reinforced the back of the neckline with grosgrain ribbon.

As long as I was reworking the neckline, I decided to shorten the sleeves too. I picked out each sleeve seam, undid the cast on edge and unraveled an inch and a half. Then I picked up the live stitches and reworked the cuff. Much better! To me this is one of the joys of handmade clothing, I can make it to fit.

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