Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Growing up I never liked argyle sweaters. I associated them with poindexters and dwebs. Don't ask me why, who knows where these mental connections come from.

Enter a tradition that got started at my husband's work called "Argyle Thursday". The staff started informally wearing argyle sweaters each Thursday and a fashion trend was born. As a result, my view of argyle started to change.

I found the Christopher Hayes sweater Frank's wearing (on the left) at Goodwill, 100% Shetland wool and really warm. Too warm for most argyle Thursdays in our town. So I kept looking, maybe I'd find a cotton argyle vest like Justin wears (on the right).

What I found instead was another Christopher Hayes sweater, 100% Shetland wool in my size and my favorite colors.

What's a woman to do but join the Argyle Thursday fashion trend!

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