Thursday, December 10, 2015

Swatching Orlon

I was gifted orlon yarn and began swatching.

The first sample, I used three strands held together using US size 5 needles. The resulting fabric would've worked for an adult cardigan, but was a little stiff for a baby.

Then I swatched with 2 strands on US size 3 needles.

It was lighter and finer of course, but it curled badly and was still stiff. First I steam blocked it, less curl, but not wonderful.

Here it is after I wet blocked it. It lays much flatter, but I found it didn't soften and was still stiff. Now I know I don't want to knit baby things from Orlon.

At least not this Orlon.

ETA: As a result of these posts on working from coned yarn, I received a very helpful comment from Tired Teacher. "Watch the YouTube for Navajo Knitting by Lucy Neatby: I think it would work perfectly for these large cones and you wouldn't have to create separate balls to knit with it." Thanks for the tip!

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