Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Cayson with his Peanuts Gang coloring and activity book.

 "Thank you G'ma."

Evan's gift. I wish you could see his face! So excited.

Hollin's gift. He received two copies of this book. Sometimes the Amazon Wishlist service doesn't work so well.

Nathan's gift. Granted, these two books are anima stories, but he had them read by the end of the day and passed them to Hollin.

I love it. Every get-together my husband captures the brothers comparing game notes, computer game that is.

I almost always forget to grab the camera and take pictures of my husband, the family photographer. Thank heavens for tripods. Hollin and Kim left for their new home in the Tacoma area a couple weeks later. We're going to miss them!

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