Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Slipper Socks

I've wanted to make these slipper socks for months. Once the lace shawl was finished I cast on. These are going to be for my four-year old grandson on his birthday. Primary colors seemed like a good choice. Once I finished knitting the instep I thought it would be fun to have a two-tone rib. I experimented with corrugated ribbing, working the knit stitches in red and the purl stitches in blue, but there was NO stretch; not a good thing in ribbing on a slipper sock.

Then I experimented with Brioche knitting. Great technique! Loved the look! And it was really stretchy, which is a characteristic of Brioche. But for the life of me I couldn't find instructions on how to work it in the round. So in the end I settled for solid blue.

ETA: He thought they were fun, but the cast off was too tight to be able to slip them on without a struggle. On my next visit he sat next to me in the recliner completely absorbed in watching, while I undid the cast off and reworked it with a stretchy cast off. Success! He pulled them on himself, danced a jig and said excitedly, "I love these slippers Grandma. You're the bestest, most fun, nicest girl!"

Note: Later that evening he was charging around on the hard wood floors, slipped and landed hard. Crying, he ripped the slippers off, flung them and said, "I HATE these slippers!" I said, "Hey E., I have a thought. Maybe that's way they're called slippers." He was not amused.

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