Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lacto-fermented Foods

I've discovered lacto-fermented foods. Easy, fast and so tasty. It's another great way to preserve food, without a hot water bath in the canner.

Zucchini with Bermuda onion, 
fresh pineapple chutney with Italian parsley and 
purple tomatillo salsa with corn
Lacto-fermented foods, also known as cultured foods, are rich in probiotics that help balance the intestinal flora. This in turn allows food to digest better and our bodies to absorb the nutrients more completely. The following is a quote from Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon.

“The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms produce numerous helpful enzymes as well as antibiotic and anticarcinogenic substances. Their main by-product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestine.”

Besides, they taste so good. I top cottage cheese or yogurt with any one of these for a great snack.

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