Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Color Blocked Tee

Inspired by the colors of autumn I decided to make a tee shirt to reflect the beauty and variety of the trees.

I started with a basic cotton tee shirt from Big Lots.

I went to my box of pre-cut 2" squares and pulled out gold, rust, green and orange.

I started the layout down the middle of the front and worked my way out toward the sides.

It turned out the tee shirt was asymmetrical, with more width on one side then the other. So I changed the layout from centered down the middle to a space in the middle. When I used all the pre-cut squares, I went to my fabric collection for similar colors and prints and cut additional squares.

Once it was laid out, I tacked the squares in place with a bit of washable glue stick. Then I took a picture to check the overall color balance and placement.

I took several out, they were either too dark, too bright or stuck out for some reason.

Then I sewed them in place using a straight stitch, like raw-edge applique.

It'll soften the more I wash it. It's warm too, because of the layers.

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