Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reclaimed Sweater Mitts

What do you do if you want Shetland Fair Isle fingerless mitts but your stranded knitting skills aren't quite there yet? You can make a pair from the sleeves of a reclaimed sweater.

I got this Abercrombie and Fitch sweater from e-bay for less then five dollars. I think it's because it had shrunk when washed and the sleeves were much too long for the rest of the garment.

I tried on the sleeve to determine the length of the mitt and cut it off two inches higher. Then I unraveled two inches of what was to become the top of the mitt.

Next I took it to the sewing machine and shaped the arm. I trimmed the extra to a quarter-of-an-inch. The Shetland wool is sticky so I didn't worry about the ends raveling. Then I sewed a notch in the bottom ribbing to create the thumb opening. Once the sewing was done, I picked up the live stitches on dpn's and using the reclaimed yarn from the sleeve, knit ribbing to match the cuff.

I love 'em! Soft, warm, quick and looking like I know how to do stranded colorwork.

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