Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Next Generation

I talked to the local vac and sew sales and repair tech recently. I wanted to know how someone becomes a sewing machine repair tech. I asked him if he repaired many machines these days. "Oh yes, about 12-15 a week." But he only repairs mechanical machines, "I don't work on computer machines." Then he said, "No one really sews anymore. Young girls don't even know how to thread a needle, let alone..." Well he's limiting himself, I'm in two quilt guilds and most ladies take their machine to the next county to be repaired. The wait time is 2-3 months, the tech is so busy. But that's another story...

I love the look of concentration and determination on this girl's face. Are current quilters teaching the next generation? I taught my sons when they were growing up, I'll teach my grandsons too if they're interested. We're going to need someone to carry the flame.

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Anonymous said...

just sew you know, I taught Alex how to sew, using my treadle machine, and the first thing he made, was a purse, for a 6 y/o girl that he liked. He was 5.
da udda leslie