Sunday, May 05, 2013

Teeny Tiny

I like to use what I have, so when a quilt design gives me bonus triangles, it's a great opportunity for serendipity. Most of the time they're already cut and paired, ready to sew. Here are a few examples.

These blocks gave me these.

So I made the quilt larger with a pieced border.

I still had HST's left over so I made scrappy eight pointed stars.

And made this wall hanging.

The bonus triangles from this Road to Tennessee were used in this Broken Dishes mini.

Another pieced border, but I had a lot left over.

So I got creative on the back!

My quilting friends tease me about working 'so small', but I'm not paper piecing

But look! I've found someone working even smaller.

Now that's really using what she has!


Vic in NH said...

Wow, Leslie, you made enough to hostess your very own quilt show! They look so precious, i just love them. Also, thank you for mentioning that name of "Road To Tennessee" because I made that pattern but did not know that name.

Rose Marie said...

Oh my, I so love what you have done with those leftover pieces! Wonderful quilts!