Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hot August

This is in the shade. The small print says it 'feels' like 100, but really? Anything over 98 is just plain HOT! I'm hanging out in the living room where the AC is. Now that I'm finally starting to feel better, there's a lot going on in the sewing room these days, but it's not too cool in there just now.

I did finish a baby quilt. 



Lindah said...

Oh, yeh! Dare I hope this is our last heat wave for the season? Do you have smoke with it? It was really hanging in here this afternoon.

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

Vic in NH said...

We suffer terrible humidity here in the northeast, today there is fog with a tropical dew point of 70. Thank God for our AC's!
I love your sweet baby quilt! I prefer baby quilts that are not all pink/blue or pastels. Babies love bright colors!