Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Simple Pleasure

This picture makes me happy. I found it while thumbing through an old stack of knitting magazines. It seems like this sort of simple pleasure isn't enjoyed as often now.

I think maybe every generation harkens back to the previous generation, thinking 'those days' must've been so much calmer, slower, less hectic. But while that generation was living those years, they probably didn't feel calm. There were wars and rumors of wars...

This morning I took pictures of current works in progress with my (digital) camera. I wanted to download them to my computer, resize them with my graphics software and post them to my blog, so that my virtual friends could see them. But the memory card reader wouldn't plug in, the computer couldn't recognize it. I rebooted my computer. I tried to unplug and replug the card reader. That's when the soft metal connecting pins inside the adapter bent. The card reader was toast. 

So I moved to Plan B and got the cable that goes to my camera and tried to download the images using the on board software. My computer couldn't recognize the camera. I thought maybe the camera - being about six years old - was out dated for my Windows 7 operating system. So I went to the Canon site and downloaded the picture browser updates; installed those, of which there were six. The computer *still* couldn't see the camera. From there I got the original camera installation CD and installed the picture browser program, then reinstalled the updates... Still nothing.

This morning my husband shopped online for a new card reader. For 19.99 free shipping, no tax, it's worth it. 

Back to the pictures above. That's why I like knitting. I sit down with two sticks and some yarn... no additional tools needed - no software to install or updates to download. 


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