Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Love of knitting and fiber is so similar to love of quilting and fabric. There are so many wonderful yarns and so many terrific colors and patterns; I want to try them all!

I finished the lambswool shrug, bound off and washed it. It needs sewing up but there it sits while I cast on for something new. 

I finished knitting a gift for my grandson's 1st birthday which is at the end of this month, but it's still in the knitting bag waiting for finishing touches while I worked up a felted hot pad.

Then I found 8 skeins of cotton-rayon at the thrift store for a song and jumped in with plans to begin a summer cardigan, bought the pattern, swatched in two different size needles, practiced the lace pattern and got gauge.

But the LYS's annual summer sale is coming up and I've had my eye on some yummy RED Madeline Tosh dk. It would look great in this pattern.

Oh! And I've drafted the California King-sized quilt for the bridal couple, but I'll show pictures of that after it's been gifted.

Do I have enough going on yet? Yeesh...


Vic in NH said...

I love your term, "Startitis!" I am definitely afflicted, too. And your bride's quilt is beautiful, good job!

Fabricfaire said...

Love it all!