Thursday, June 07, 2012


I'm still plunking along sewing the HST borders together, but I just needed a new color scheme to get me through the tedium. So yes, I started another quilt.

How do you select colors for a quilt? I usually pick a favorite multicolored print and then start pulling related colors from the stash and laying the chunks of fabric out till it 'looks right'. I've been asked what my method is for selecting a fabric palette, but it really feels intuitive. It's not just color, it's balancing the values, the visual texture and whether the feel of the print blends with the overall statement I want. Not too many tone on tones or it looks boring, not too many large prints or it looks busy. Not too many deep darks or it looks heavy, not too many from the same fabric line, or it looks too planned...

I'm using this strip pieced method to piece the Bento Box blocks. What a dream. They go together so fast and easy. I sew HST's for the other quilt as leader-enders as I piece these. Git r done!


Vic in NH said...

Wow that looks terrific! I especially like your colors in the Bento Box.

Fabricfaire said...

Great colors. You alway give inspiration to tackle chosing colors!!!