Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knit Shrug

Once the cardigan was finished I swatched for a shrug made with yarn reclaimed from these two sweaters.

Eddie Bauer 100% lambs wool

 Old Navy acrylic, angora, nylon, wool

The pattern calls for chunky baby alpaca, but when I priced it at the LYS it came to 89 dollars. (!) I decided to work from stash. I generally don't like the look of bulky sweaters but I wanted to make this shrug. I tried smaller needles and more stitches but the swatch was too airy. So I cast on holding one strand of each together. This way I got the recommended gauge.

I shopped for US size 11 circular needles and had a hard time finding any, so I settled for Boye plastic needles. The points are narrower and I thought that would help with the bulky yarn. But the tips aren't tapered and there's a definite bump you have to push past as you make each stitch. It made my wrists ache and I had to reduce my knitting time. Forget that!

So I took them back to the craft store and went to the LYS and bought steel Hiya Hiya brand. Well worth it! Now my hands don't hurt.

I knit most of the collar but still had some doubts about the yarn's drape and the over all gauge. I put it on waste yarn, washed and blocked it.

When I measured it after, it was spot on. It was also a lot softer and the stitches had settled. I put it back on the needles and am continuing with more confidence. When it's all done it maybe too hot and/or too heavy, but I can always reclaim it again.

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