Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Webbing the Top

Once all the quilt blocks are pieced, how do you sew the top together? I used to lay it all out on the floor and go back and forth between the layout and the sewing room, but it was slow going and I'd have to pick it up each time I was done for the day.

Now after I lay out the blocks I stack them in order, label the stacks with the row number and take them to the sewing machine. I sew the short rows (vertical) without cutting the thread between the seams. That way the top is webbed together and I can press and sew the long rows whenever I want. It works really well... unless someone comes in and curls up on the partially sewn stacks for a nap! Then the whole system gets thrown off and it's harder to figure out where you are than you would imagine...

Once I got the short rows together, I laid it out one more time. I found out I was short a row of blocks. How did that happen? Back to sewing more blocks.

This pattern creates bonus triangles which I'm going to use for a pieced border, so I started sewing the little hst's at the beginning and end of each row of blocks. Might as well get started on these puppies, there are a lot of 'em.

I got the long rows sewn and the whole top pressed. Yay! Time to audition fabrics for the borders. Love it.

But when I looked at the top set 6 blocks x 7 I thought, "It sorta looks like it needs another row of blocks, it's not long enough". Back to sewing more blocks. It's not rocket science, but I sure seem to be having my share of problems and set backs. The last time I made this quilt it was such a fun, no-think-um pattern. Still teaching myself how to quilt again.

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fabricfarie said...

You haven't lost your talents!!