Tuesday, April 03, 2012

To-do List

These days I have mental tension to one degree or another, like a constant companion I can't entirely shake. I practice calm, deep breathing and letting go, it minimizes the dizziness and ringing in my ears. I've thought about the fact I used to be an administrative assistant for as many as six people at a time at the County Office of Education; organizing their calendars, travel schedules, billing, print jobs, tracking details, etc, etc, etc. If it makes me crazy, I don't want to do it anymore.

So today I figured I'd go into town and run 'a few errands', but I wasn't going to make a list, because nothing had to get done.
I started at the local Post Office, dropped off Netflix, mailed a get well card and bought stamps for bill paying.

Then I drove to town and went to the Sheriff’s office to dispose of expired prescription medications. The nice lady at the counter told me I was at the Correction Facility and I needed to go two driveways down to the Administration office. Finally found it, the address facing the street was obscured by bushes.

Next I went to the a local gift shop to exchange my ceramic teapot because it’s developed fine cracks throughout and leaks tea onto the counter. I’ve had it almost a year. She did exchange it, but said whatever warranty it had was long ago expired. Perhaps, but a teapot shouldn’t leak!

I stopped in at Lucky’s grocery store, which I don’t know the lay out of, found the restroom, then got buns for dinner – pulled pork sandwiches.

I went to the Credit Union and paid our monthly credit card statement from savings and withdrew cash from checking, noted the transaction in the bank book.

I decided to go to the Transfer Station (aka: the dump) next and then Beverly’s Crafts for new knitting needles, since Beverly’s was going to feel fun after all these errands.
I wanted disposing of my e-waste to feel like this: 

Instead it was like this:

E-waste represents 2% of America's trash in landfills, but it equals 70% of overall toxic waste.

It wasn’t hard, or embarrassing, though I had to do my own lifting and unloading. But I wasn't happy or comfortable as I hurked two dead microwaves, two CRT monitors and a stereo receiver into the pile. I decided I felt guilty. We are bombarded with messages about ‘keeping it out of the landfill’. I told myself the transfer station processes stuff and it’s better than sitting in the bushes somewhere! But I don’t really know where old microwaves and monitors go to die. – And seeing all that TRASH is just depressing, we are such a throw away society.

By then it was 11:45 so I stopped for a sandwich. Man did I need that. Felt better afterward, that and 12 ozs of water.

Then at Beverly’s, bought size 10 knitting needles for a new project and used this month’s 40% off coupon. Yay! I was so ready to head home. Sometimes running errands feels like a job in itself.

Once home I corralled the items we’re donating to the annual church yard sale; an easy chair, sub-woofer, vinyl suitcase, quartz heater, and Sony large screen TV; and called the church to suggest Ralph bring someone to help him load the truck. Then I pulled my DS2's 13 year old bike out of the shed, hauled it around front, hosed it off and wiped it down. Then I gave the vinyl seat and handle grips a once over with a light lubricate. It looks 100% better. 

The men from the church just came and hauled all that stuff away. I think I need a nap.


Vic in NH said...

You did an awful lot of errands! I nap each day and even if I do not sleep, I meditate and feel rested. Try not to feel guilty for existing in modern times; "You are a child of the Universe, you have a right to be here..."

Fabricfaire said...

Wow, you had a busy day! Just going to buy groceries and pickup the mail is more than I want to do in one day!!! (Except visit the local fabric store!!:)