Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yarn Love

Quilt friends and coworkers ask me what I've been doing lately, "Are you quilting? What are you working on?" I have to answer, knitting.

It's just so nice to come home in the evening and sit in the recliner by the wood stove after dinner and knit. It's more relaxing than going in the sewing room and sitting at the machine. :) I've had my eyes open for a thrift store sweater I could reclaim wool yarn from. On the way home from Nathan's, I found one.

It was quite large and in great condition, I figured it would give me plenty of yarn for what I wanted. The fabric was a beautiful cabled pattern that was sort of lost because the two-ply yarn has a lovely texture of its own. I picked the seams apart and began 'reverse engineering' it. I felt sorta guilty on the one hand, this was someone's handiwork that they'd put time and energy into. On the other, I decided I was giving it a new lease on life. The color doesn't show very well in the pictures. It's a medium periwinkle blue that seems to change color depending on how much light there is. Sometimes it appears to be gray, other times, more purple. Fun!

Of course Spunky had to help. :)

This is the last section of the back with all the yarn I've reclaimed. I don't know how many yards I have yet, but it seems like enough for the medium sized pullover I have in mind.

I took it to knitting guild this week and they suggested I skein the balls, soak each one and hang it to dry weighted, that way the kinks from the previous knitting will relax. I thought my Ginghers were a good weight.

While I was on quilt retreat last weekend I went to the LYS (no website) and browsed patterns. This one looks about my speed. We'll see if I can pull this together.
(Added later: *chuckling* Not knitting yet, just playing with yarn!)

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Fabricfaire said...

As usually w/you....I am so impressed!