Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think about you and write to you in my head in odd moments as I dash to the new job, meet with the department head to figure out the next step on the new web page or create a blog entry for the store's Facebook Fan page or develop a full color poster for an upcoming event. I am creating a good part of every day and come home ready to put my feet up. My knitting is progressing, but my quilting? Not so much.

I've been in education for ten years, the public sector. Now I'm in Marketing and Outreach for a grocery store, a Co-op. Not only have I changed jobs, but I've changed careers. It's been eight weeks but I tell myself, it's going to take time, you need to find your niche.

When I was eight years old we moved from Sunny San Diego to north of Boston. Talk about a climate change! That was an adjustment. Also, it seems I was too friendly, didn't know the playground games the girls played and I 'talked funny'. We all spoke English, but we didn't always understand each other. It took a while to learn the way of New Englanders; there's a culture there that's very different from the beaches and Eucalyptus tree lined parks and playgrounds of the west.

It just takes time.

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Lindah said...

awwww! Cute cartoon. Here's a hug back at ya. [[[Leslie]]]

Major changes often times are more complex and take more time than we anticipate. Fortunately, time is probably the most affordable commodity we have to spend, although my DH is fond of reminding me that he is worth at least $300/hour. :-)

When I was office bound I found that once I got home, sitting at a sewing machine was not of interest
to me. Even my body said no. I craved a comfortable easy chair and whatever hand work I could comfortably do while watching tv.

Enjoy your new job. There will be time for quilting later on.

Merry Christmas!