Sunday, November 07, 2010


In September I found red washable merino at the LFS for 50% off. I just had to make something from it! I'd recently joined Ravelry and searched for a cropped cardigan. I found one that needed slight modifying and asked a friend to help me adjust the pattern. Then I cast on for a top down cardi with raglan sleeve shaping. I've been knitting on it for two months and got up to 209 stitches as I worked the fronts, sleeves and back all at once.
The next time I met with my knit friend she pointed out that I was supposed to be working front increases at THE SAME TIME as the raglan sleeve shaping. Yup. I ripped. Six inches worked on size 6 needles. She was so apologetic, she acted like it was some how her mistake. No... I just don't understand knitting patterns that well. So I've put the merino aside and am knitting a cotton preemie cap, worked on size 4 dp needles.

It's a good thing I'm a process person and not a product person. :)

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Fabricfaire said...

Mmmmm, perhaps that is good to have a knit friend!