Monday, April 12, 2010

Amish Bearpaw BOM

I guess I've never worked with solids; it was more challenging than I would've thought, the thread melting into the black fabric. Maybe it was the lighting in the sewing room at 8:30 at night... The instructions said the unfinished size should be 11" and blocks donated to the Block of the Month program would be measured. Oh no, the quilt police! My block came out 10 3/4" and that just wasn't acceptable so I frogged the center seams and sewed them again - this time it finished at 10 7/8", better, but it still had me worried.

I needn't have worried, the BOM chair was gracious, didn't even eyeball my block, just added it to the group. Don't they look nice? There were blocks that were visibly an inch larger than they should've been, my scant 7/8" wasn't even missed. The winner of the drawing got all 25 blocks.

Later in the morning the guest speaker talked about being "quarter inch challenged". Being off a scant 7/8" hasn't mattered too much in my quilting up till now; but I'm beginning to think that's why the Ocean Wave alt blocks don't come out. Don't cha just hate that?


Lena Johansson said...

I like the pattern and all the colours.
Amish quilts are famous here in Scandinavia, too.
I´ve learned about inch and nowaday I find it better to measure by inch instead of cm when I make a quilt.
Most Swedes know nothing about inch.
I have a lot of American books about quilting.
(I have NOT studied English at the University if some words or grammar is incorrect.)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

They are gorgeous all together, but I suspect that the person that wins those blocks is going to need to add sashing. It is a common problem with lotto blocks because of the variations of rulers and sewing machines!

Fabricfaire said...

You were so sweet to make that block and put my name on it!!! What a friend!!!