Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sewing Lesson with My DIL

DS1 and his (new) wife came for the weekend. Danielle wanted to learn to sew and had an idea for a Christmas banner.

We developed our own pattern and cut out two; one to learn on and one to give as a gift.

I introduced her to the basics of using a sewing machine, how to thread it, wind a bobbin, needle up/down and reverse. I explained tension and stitch length, thread weight and needle size, she sewed a few test samples. It was wonderful teaching such an enthusiastic student!

I explained terms as we went along, fusible interfacing, right sides together, seam allowance, pivot, clip the corners, turn and press, top stitching. Her excitement at learning something new and making something fun and pretty fueled her energy to continue.

We finished that afternoon and the bright smile says it all. She was *very* happy with the banner and that she'd *done it*. I was tickled to share what I love with my new daughter-in-law.


Fabricfaire said...

What a great way to "bond" w/DIL!I know she knows that she has an award winning teacher!!!

Finn said...

Awesome project Leslie *VBS* And what a really neat way to begin working together as women. I think often both MIL and DIL are a bit ill at ease if they haven't known each other before the wedding. It's just so neat that she wanted to learn and was such a good student. You gave her the key to a life time of enjoyment if she pursues it. Hugs, Finn

Myra said...

Most excellent! Great bonding...
Perhaps the start of a whole new world for her... 8-)