Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Incredible Kindness of Molly Dunham

I was reading Molly's post entitled Soup Weather , go look... I'll wait, and I got such a nice feeling knowing she used the same mixing bowl I do. Silly maybe, but it felt fun. I left a comment:

Hey I have that same set of mixing bowls. They were a wedding gift, circa 1979. I'm sorry I broke the largest making bread in the first five years of its life. Been searching second hand stores ever since. :)

Imagine my surprise when she wrote and offered to give me hers?! Seems she'd found one in a thrift store and it was an extra at her house, would I like it? You can bet I answered that email the same day! I was amazed at her kind generosity.

Turns out it's similar in size to the medium bowl I have in this set, but hers has handles, now that's cool! I didn't even know those existed.

And the lid from the casserole set fits it, perfect for microwaving. I just love the 'Celebrate Fall' card she made to go along with it.

My husband made waffles this morning, the bowl's maiden use. It's lovely Molly, thank you. Blogland friends are great!


Lindah said...

Leslie, what fun to have a DIL who is interested in sewing! You are blessed!

You know, I have that same big mixing bowl. Small world! Not sure when I got it, but it was on the east coast when we lived there, probably in the early 80's. I use it all the time.

I like to prewash my fabrics, too, but I have never prewashed my batting. hmmm, I wonder whether your batting was unusual??? Maybe I better start washing mine and see what happens.

I'm going to spend tomorrow afternoon enjoying the color and tidying the yard before the storms hit Tuesday. No doubt that will be the end of all that beautiful color. But, let it storm! I have a riot of color begging to be appreciated right in my sewing room. :-)

Happy sewing!

Fabricfaire said...

Molly is a great gal to share w/you.

Molly said...

perfect fit with the lid! and wow - your original big bowl must have been really big! i haven't seen bigger pyrex bowls in my thrift store hunts (because you know i'd buy one if i did). enjoy!