Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Gift

The day after the wedding we gathered at my husband's childhood home for Grandpa's 90th birthday. The bridal couple joined us in the afternoon and I got to present a wedding gift to them. I say 'a' gift, because they both know I'm knee-deep in piecing a king-sized quilt for them.

I enjoyed wrapping it in fabric, the perfect reusable gift wrap. =D

Danielle was so pleased. She loves 'pinkie purple' and this sectioned relish dish is pink.

Nathan liked it too and said, "Hmmm... that looks remarkably familiar."

... because I have a blue one. The fun thing about this relish dish is that both times I found them at a collectible shop, from two different stores, years apart. Who woulda thought? My sister-in-law collects depression glass and said, "How lovely! Does Danielle collect too?" I said, "She does now." =D

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Fabricfaire said...

What a lovely gift!