Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Relief Is On the Way

Due to major fires in three counties burning for over a week, California's now been declared a National Emergency. 200 Federal fire fighters will be flying in. Fire suppression crews from all states west of the Mississippi are arriving. The air in my little valle is somewhat better and we still just go to work everyday because that's what we do... But the views in the area are telling.

"They're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future."
~ Dread Pirate Roberts, Princess Bride

Mendocino County Stats:
Incident Size: 37,800 Acres
Air support:260
On the ground support 1,515
40% contained11 injuried
Residences Threatened: 900
Residences Destroyed: 2
Commercial Property Threatened: 1
Number of Active Fires: 40, down from 123

We're fighting a war of sorts, just against fire not a human enemy. I'm grateful to CDF (California Dept of Fire) and all the crews that are out there fighting for us.


Fabricfaire said...

Your report is better than the local pro's! Love the "Pirate" look! We have "some" blue sky here!

Nancy said...

I cannot imagine what y'all are going through. How frightening!