Friday, April 25, 2008

Tend and Befriend

Have you read that men and women handle stress differently? That doesn't come as any surprise to me! Men often respond with the 'fight or flight' method; women with the 'tend and befriend'. We want to nurture; give and receive support and encouragement and be there for each other. I get a good dose of that when I'm part of a Sew Day. No wonder I want Sew Days every other week!

Connie and Rosy came over, brought their handwork or their featherweight and we talked the day away.

I'd like to say this is a picture of Connie advising Rosy on the best way to take a quilting stitch when in fact we were all trying to figure out how to send a digital picture on Rosy's cell phone! I teased them about Sewing Bees in the past being a good place for women to share recipes and childcare advice, *now* look at us!

Connie's mini baskets

I spent most of the time trimming the HST's for the border on my Star Struck quilt. They're going to finish at 1-3/8" (!) and I decided that was just too small to use in a Sawtooth. And while I really like blue, this border audition said too much blue.

So at this point I plan on making a single row of pyramids, with the light or medium blue on the left so it looks like they're lit from the west. The following border will be a 30's yellow print, then bind with blue. It's amazing how different the actual layouts looked compared to the EQ drafts. EQ helps visualize ideas, but there's nothing like the real thing.

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Rosy said...

Yes, we did have a very fun day! I like the 30's yellow border!