Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's That Up Ahead?

Last time I drove east to attend the monthly quilt guild meeting I have to admit I was a tad *rushed*. I was barrelling along the country highway that winds through the Lake County hills, it was raining a bit, the roads were wet... and here comes some animal crossing into my lane from the left.

The distance was short. Do I brake and risk fishtailing? Do I hit the animal?! *shudder* In that nano second of indecision I saw it was a River Otter. What?!

I veered right as he looked up, paused and bumbled along back the way he came. *whew*
I've never seen a river otter on the roads. Opposums I don't care about, but killing one of those little guys? Perish the thought!


Kim said...

This is a very cute guy indeed. Guess he lost his way. :)

Rosy said...

That critter was lost! Lucky it was you who were passing by!