Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Room With a View

Many locals like to wear cotton and flip flops all year round. I think this week they may be at a loss. This was the view from my living room window yesterday.

Meetings at work that'd been planned and scheduled for weeks suddenly went begging for attendees and employees couldn't get 'down from the grade' due to road closures. We're only talking 4-6 inches, but when motorists don't know how to drive in it, it makes for nastiness on the road.

This is our lone redwood in the front yard. I thought it looked especially dressy that morning. :D


Su Bee said...

Wasn't it fun to live in a postcard for a couple of days? So pretty!

Su Bee said...
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Rosy said...

Wa,wa, you had more snow than us!!
Such a pretty sight! I'd call that much a "snowday from work"!