Friday, March 30, 2018

A New Sweater for Dash

During the winter Dash was wearing an Alpine sweater that's too big for him. I gave that sweater to Pedro and decided to draft the color pattern on graph paper. I also wanted to see if I could design a sweater in a smaller stitch gauge so it would fit better, at the same time giving me a chance to practice some colorwork knitting on some thing small. This is Pedro wearing the sweater I used as a model.

Charting the color work stitches.

Recreating the sweater for Dash, size 2 needle and sock weight yarn.

Before sewing up.

It's cute and I like the color work, but I miscalculated and it's too tight on Dash, he looks like he's wearing a hand-me-down.

It's spring and he's wearing his light-weight sweater now, so it doesn't matter.

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