Monday, January 08, 2018

TaaT Sockalong

I wasn't planning on starting another knitting project, I'm trying to stay on task with my husband's cardigan, but my knitting group decided to do a two at a time sockalong and I joined in. I chose worsted weight to make boot socks, figuring they'd work up faster. And I'm using yarn remnants I already have. I'm not sure if I have enough of the gray alpaca, so I'll add deep red stripes for interest and insurance against running short

The advantage of working both socks at the same time, is that when you're finished, you're also done. There's no chance of 'second sock syndrome.' And working from the toe up, you can try the socks on as you go, stopping when they're the length you want.

I'm using the magic loop method. Here I've started the toes. I soon changed to a needle with a longer cable, it makes the method easier to manage.

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