Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kindle Cozy

I got my first Kindle for Christmas. I decided it needed a cozy, I don't want the screen to get scratch.

I was so absorbed in creating it I didn't stop and take process pics. But here are the steps:

  • Chose a rectangular remnant that was just the right size, it was laying on the cutting table
  • Picked a lining fabric to match from the light fabric tub
  • Pulled out a remnant of felted lamb's wool for the batting, leftover from a felted purse project
  • Layered with washable spray baste
  • Pulled out a precut plastic quilt template from a previous quilt project
  • Got to use my white pounce pad received a few Christmases ago
  • Pounced the quilt pattern onto the fabric, traced over it with a white chalk pencil to help it stay
  • Installed the even-feed walking foot on my machine and quilted with a slightly darker blue thread on top and white in the bobbin

  • Added channel quilting along the cable pattern

  • Measured the Kindle to the fabric and marked the depth of the pocket
  • Sewed the side seams, turned right side out and pressed
  • Just happened to find a strip of the same fabric in the scrap bag for self-fabric binding
  • Laid the round lid of my bobbin keeper on the flap and traced it on the flap. Trimmed to round the corners
  • Sewed the binding on the right side, turned to the inside and top stitched on the outside through all layers
  • Found a strip of blue Velcro in the notions box. Folded down the flap to mark placement of the Velcro. Stitched in place, matching top and bobbin thread.

Serendipity. Two hours start to finish and all materials happened to be on hand! So spontaneous!

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Quickstar said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the process.