Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cup Cozy

I wanted to try the Wildflower Knot knit stitch. I also wanted to try and design my own knitted item.

The pattern has a repeat of 8 sts, plus 7. I knit a swatch to get gauge, measured the cup and multiplied the number of stitches in the gauge by the number of inches I wanted, then adjusted that number to the closest multiple of 8 plus 7. The Wildflower Knot pattern shows so much more when the work is stretched.

I shopped several stores for a Grand mug. But I found out the one I bought wouldn't work because there wasn't any room above the handle for the cozy. I'll know next time!

I took the project to my knitting group, hoping for suggestions on how to make the cozy fit the mug without space above the handle. Nancy suggested I try it one of her mugs. It fit, so she just gave it to me! What a great friend. I added two buttons to close it on the side and it was done.

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