Sunday, September 14, 2014

Singer Treadle

One of my closest friends recently lost all her material possessions when her house burned to the ground. She fled with her cat, purse, checkbook and her car. She's being taken care of by family, friends, previous co-workers and the local community. She is full of gratitude and happy to be alive.

But one of the things she sorely misses is her vintage treadle machine. It was all she ever used to sew - a hard item to replace.

I found this gem at a garage sale about two weeks after the fire. Imagine how unglued I became when I found out they only wanted $25.00 for it!

It's a reproduction made in 1973, but that just means it's in mint condition, there isn't a hint of rust on it and the drive belt isn't even worn. The pictures don't do the decals justice, they positively glow and the cabinet is in great condition. It came with an attachment box of bobbins and screwdrivers and a manual! She says it looks just like the one she lost. She feels like she's living in a state of grace...

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